Evaluation Guide

Please follow this guide to make sure you get the most out of your TestArchitect evaluation.

Step 1: Setting Up

To get started, please install TestArchitect by following this Installation Guide.

Step 2: Follow a Tutorial

Depending on your needs, follow at least one of the tutorials below.

Tutorial What You'll Learn
Fast-Track Tutorial The fastest way to get you excited
Desktop Testing Set up, configure and execute tests on a sample desktop app (Car Rental)

Each tutorial stands on its own you just need to pick a platform of interest and dive in. No need to check them out in order.


Having troubles with any steps? Contact us:

Step 3: Upgrade to Enterprise

Enjoying TestArchitect Team? You can upgrade your license to Enterprise to get even more.

  • Powerful cross-platforms automation
  • Unlimited test cases and repositories
  • Premium licenses: node-locked, floating and run-only
  • Maintenance & Support (M&S) included
  • Support: call, portal, email and hot fixes


  • Read more about features and benefits of TestArchitect Enterprise, Action-Based Testing and TestArchitect Implementation Guide via these datasheets.
  • To read more about Pricing and Licensing, check this FAQ out.
  • If you're ready to buy, contact our sales team via sales@logigear.com or fill out this Request a Quote form.
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